SecureGRIP Anti-Skid Floor Treatment


Slippery Tub? Slippery Tile Floor?


The easiest way to treat slippery surfaces

SecureGrip Anti-Skid Treatment is not a coating that can wear off and just one treatment lasts the lifetime of the fixture. There is NO odor and amazingly, SecureGrip Anti-Skid Treatment transforms your slippery surface microscopically making it rougher, causing friction and greatly increases traction. There is little to no appearance change and is perfect for any porcelain surface such as bathtubs, shower floors eliminating the need for bathmats. One application will last a lifetime!

Perfect for all porcelain, ceramic, glass, marble, and any rock-like surfaces!.
Not to be used on Painted surfaces, fiberglass, acrylic, plastic, linoeum, wood, and waxed surfaces.

One gallon treats approx. 420 sq ft

SDS & Instructions