Bathtub, Tile, Wall Surround, & Sink Refinishing Kit

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The Most Affordable

Way To Make Bathroom Fixtures

Look Like New.

Buy a DIY Bathtub Refinishing Kit

DIY Bathtub Refinishing Kit Features:

• Quick 24-Hour Dry Time

• Tough, Strong & Durable

• Super High Gloss Resin Finish

• Used by Professionals

See just how easy it is to refinish your bathtub with our DIY Refinishing Kit!

Not All Bathtub Refinishing Paint Is Equal.
BathWorks is a two part resin, and is far superior to most epoxy bathtub refinishing paint. Why? To begin, BathWorks resin is much more durable, and will not yellow or crack like most epoxy kits. To learn more about the difference between bathtub refinishing paints, click here.
Do it right the first time!  Don't do it twice.
The BathWorks bathtub refinishing kits (and frankly, any other bathtub refinishing products) are only as good as the initial preparation of the tub. Click here to learn how to prepare your tub the right way, avoid mistakes, and get the long lasting results you’re looking for. Sitemap

For tub & tile refinishing advice visit:
Craig's Refinishing Tips.
BATHWORKS is a professional strength tub, tile, sink and wall surround refinishing product designed for the "Do it Yourself" crowd.  This commercial strength bathtub refinishing kit is sold by bathtub refinishing professionals and even used by refinishing professionals.  As always, read all bathtub refinishing kit instructions, and handle the product with care.  Please follow all safety guidelines including proper eye protection and gloves.

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